RuTzari Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information for RuTzari-brand products
Sell RuTzari Products in Your Store!

bn-s-841Now you can sell RuTzari products in your store! Customers who appreciate one-of-a-kind garments will be excited to purchase one of our hand-painted silk scarves because each one is different, even though the designs are similar.

In addition to our online store, where you can find our current silk garment collections, we can also provide special services for your boutique:

  • Custom-made, hand-painted silk garments just for you and your customers
  • We’ll put your tags on our silk products if you wish.
  • We respect your boutique / store territory and will not sell to your competitors.
  • Reasonable wholesale prices
  • No minimum quantities for wholesale purchases

Contact us today at or call us at 1-800-275-3165. Customer satisfaction and a long-term relationship with your business are our highest priorities!