RuTzari – About Us

210133-klm,265RuTzari – One-of-a-kind silk garments so special—it’s like they were made for royalty.

Deep in the heart of the RuTzari workshops, something amazing is happening. Our 15 artisans are busily creating the most distinctive silk accessory you will ever own. Our luxurious silk scarves are as unique as the women who will wear them!

So just how unique and special are RuTzari silk scarves? Every single scarf is handmade and hand-painted so that no two are exactly alike, even if the colors and patterns are similar. We use designs from artists who live all over the globe who are extremely dedicated to their work. In fact, they are so dedicated to the RuTzari brand that they spend anywhere from one week up to four months just to design a single scarf!

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RuTzari releases eight or nine new silk scarf collections each year, with each collection having 10 to 15 styles of scarves in it. So far our artists have created more than 2,500 unique designs. is the exclusive online retailer for RuTzari products. Shoppers who decide to buy our products will be transferred to to complete their purchase.

How RuTzari scarves are made

After one of our artists completes a design, that design then goes to one of our artisans, who take the time to craft it using the highest quality materials and then paint it by hand. On average, it takes at least five hours for our artisans to make one silk scarf, but some of our more complex designs can take days to create. Just choosing the right vibrant colors for each scarf sometimes takes weeks. Each one averages between 30 and 100 different colors in it.

We never use screen printing or other industrial methods to mass-produce our garments. We understand that you want to be unique, and to be unique, you’ve got to have something no one else has!

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